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Johnny Rabb Drum Clinic

Wednesday, October 27 · 6:00pm – 9:30pm

Johnny Rabb DRUM CLINIC!

Location Mom’s Music 1900 Mellwood ave location…

Join us on October 27th for a Drum Clinic with Jeffrey and Johnny!

The fun starts at 6pm!

Tickets are only $10.

Call 502-897-3304

for details.

Rockschool and Performance concert / UPDATED Lessons and Tips section…

Updated content in Lessons and Tips section!!!

Don’t forget to check out the Rockschool and Performance band concert tomorrow!

Mom’s Music Rockschool & Performance Rockschool Concert

Sunday Oct. 3rd, Hard Rock Cafe @ 4th Street Live

Two Stages, starting at 1pm

Performing on the Hard Rock Café Stage:

1:00 Cursed Image
CJ Jennings
Cameron Clark
Brayden Hale
Eli Levy
Matthew Held

1:15 Crash Tempo
Mystee Robinson
Alex Constante
Chad Murphy
Mack Fulbright

1:30 Dear In Headlights
Silas Schaefer
Christian Watson
Ayars King
Nick Thevenin
Nikolai Wasdovich

1:45 Answers You Can’t Question
Ian Watson
Tyler Ditto
Grant Forbes
Sam Holt

2:00 Brian Burke (Joe D’Amato’s Student)

2:15 The Annoying Orange
Nicholas Metry
Cole Stewart
Caleb Lindquist

2:30 I Had It
Austin Stollhaus
Ian Garas
Emily Sage
Jake Horn
Alison Nelson

2:45 The Cheesy Chimichangas
Jimmy White
Clayton Thebert
Jack Tierney
Jack Crain
Andrew Thurston

3:00 Prodigy
Mason Runkel
Matt Davis
Brett Sharp

Emma Lambert
Adam Reeve

Zach Jones
Jacob Samples
Micheal Morris

3:45 Addicted to the Noise
Trevor Clark
Jaime Conde
Jess True
Robert Martin Espinueva
Cameron Durbin

4:00 Assuming Nothing
Olivia Farkas
Akira Mattingly
Taylor Clark
Jeffery LaVelle

Ari Constante
Jack Thacker
Maxwell Main
Christoper Jacobi
Drew Goldstein
Owen Leverson
Hope Nolan

Kevin Combs
Jake Hakel
Eric Keens
Scott O’Donnel

Rachel Martinez
Alexandra Schulz
Camber Sollberger
Morgan Stevenson

Performing on the 4th Street Live Stage:
1:00 Whiplash
2:00 Another Test Failed
3:00 7 Car Pile Up
4:00 Back End Of Tommorow
5:00 Lead Roses
6:00 K-OS

*Also featuring Sheila O’Bannon’s Private Lesson Students ALL DAY


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